Education and training of nursing staff

For practical treatment and skin care guidance for patients with neurodermatitis.

In chronic skin diseases, the proper implementation of treatment plans (topical therapy, compresses, dressings, baths, skin care, etc.) is crucially important to successful neurodermatitis treatment. Prescribing doctors rely on the patients and their family (parents) carrying out the treatment plans properly according to their instructions. 

Nursing professionals have an important bridging role to play. They have the specific theoretical knowledge together with practical know-how, which they can convey to patients in a simple and understandable way. 

Practical tips on skin care and treatment for sensitive skin and neurodermatitis
In the course led by two specialist nurses and a dermatologist, participants are given an update of how the disease develops and stepwise treatment as well as practical guidance on treatment and skin care for sensitive skin and neurodermatitis. Particular attention is paid to communicating this knowledge to patients. The course participants are taught the relevant knowledge in brief so that they can carry out appropriate nursing consultations themselves.

Conditions of participation
The course for nursing staff is aimed at interested professionals who meet the following requirements:

  • Training in nursing
  • Experience in the field of dermatology in the out-patient and in-patient setting.


October 1, 2020, Medizincampus Davos Wolfgang
October 30, 2020, Davos Wolfgang, Medizincampus
November 19, 2020, Thalwil, Hotel Sedartis