Specialised courses and train-the-trainer seminars, further development of patient education

CK-CARE processes current and established knowledge about allergic diseases for non-medical professionals. This knowledge is provided in learning opportunities designed for specific target groups according to the latest findings in teaching methodology. It is not only knowledge about allergic diseases that plays a role, but also the way in which that knowledge is communicated. Skills in terms of teaching methodology and discussion techniques can be acquired in interdisciplinary and target group-specific seminars and workshops.

CK-CARE not only supports professionals in the technical and theoretical side of training but also helps them transfer the knowledge to practice through periods of observation and supervision. With this offering, the aim is to provide comprehensive training for non-medical professionals in the area of allergology.



October 1, 2020, Medizincampus Davos Wolfgang
October 30, 2020, Davos Wolfgang, Medizincampus
November 19, 2020, Thalwil, Hotel Sedartis