Head-Office Davos

The location of Davos as the headquarters of CK-CARE was not by chance. As the highest city in the Alps, Davos has developed since the end of the 19th century into a center for pulmonary patients who have found a cure in the exceptional clima quality; for skin cases as well for the past 40 years. In the meantime, Davos has become the site of several educational and research institutes and has officially been designated a «City of Knowledge» since 2005.


Dr. Georg Schäppi, Director 

Gabriela Schätti, Head of administration



Dr. Daniela Münch, Head of patient education and professional training

Prof. Johannes Ring, Consultant Education


Doris Straub Piccirillo, Head of Continuing Professional Development


Herman-Burchard-Str. 1
7265 Davos Wolfgang
Tel. +41 81 410 13 00

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