August 1, 2011  

CK-CARE Global Allergy Forum 2011

From the 17 to the 20 July the first «Global Allergy Forum» took place in Davos. CK-CARE has invited international opinion leaders in the field of allergy and related subjects  to a «brain-storming» forum. In open discussion and free exchange of ideas, existing problems havel been identified and characterized with participants providing suggestions for possible solutions. As in prior decades, the «Club of Rome» has set new standards in our thinking about the environment, so too could the «Global Allergy Forum» (GAF Davos) do the same in the field of allergies. The analogy to the «World Economic Forum» (WEF), which started as a  small circle in Davos as well, is intentional. The climate in Davos has proven to be healthy for patients with respiratory and skin diseases for the last one hundred years we expect the Davos climate also to be healthy for the free exchange of ideas.

Over 40 participants came from all continents and areas of clinical and experimental allergy and immunology as well as from related and - apparently - still distant scientific fields.

The results of the meeting are being communicated and published through various suitable media, focusing particularly on the sustainable realization and implementation of new approaches to solving these problems in the allergy field.