Allergies in pediatric primary care (modular allergy CPD course)

In collaboration CK-CARE and «Kinderärzte Schweiz» (KIS, a Swiss-based association dedicated to supporting pediatric physicians in the primary care) developed a novel CME activity “Allergie im pädiatrischen Alltag” (Allergies in pediatric primary care). The modular course occurs over a period of one year and addresses all allergy topics relevant to primary care pediatricians: atopic dermatitis, insect venom allergies, food allergies, drug allergies, asthma, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, immunology, psychological aspects, diagnosis & testing, immunotherapy, inhalation therapy, drug therapy, prevention.

The course is chaired and moderated by an expert pediatric allergist and a pediatrician working primarily with allergic diseases in primary care but also in a community hospital. Faculty who are experts in specific areas provide information and engage participants in active, practice-based learning through discussions, workshops, and sharing their experience and expertise.

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October 1, 2020, Medizincampus Davos Wolfgang
October 30, 2020, Davos Wolfgang, Medizincampus
November 19, 2020, Thalwil, Hotel Sedartis