Combined modular trainer seminar

Further training for neurodermatitis trainers – basic module for patient trainers – anaphylaxis trainers

A three-country project of CK-CARE to establish the teaching programmes on anaphylaxis and neurodermatitis parent education:

Transnational project 
The aim of the supported project is to establish the standardised training programmes of the Consortium for Neurodermatitis Training (AGNES) and the working group Anaphylaxis Training and Education (AGATE) in Austria and Switzerland. While neurodermatitis parent education is already established in Germany and even covered by health insurance schemes, in Switzerland and Austria fees are still charged for courses aimed at parents of children suffering from neurodermatitis and to some extent they are arranged by patients’ organisations. As a result of differing structures in the different countries, the training programmes evaluated are not readily transferable. They have to be adapted. This is where the CK-CARE project comes in.

Evaluated training curricula ensure the quality of the courses provided. The tutors have many years’ experience in dealing with adults and children suffering from neurodermatitis or allergies and their families and they also have lengthy experience in trainer education.

Expertise and safety in everyday practice 
These training courses are directed at professionals from the fields of medicine, nutrition, education, psychology and care professionals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who have direct patient contact. Proof of participation is issued for each training module. As this is a transnational project, the participants are required to obtain the further qualifications (periods of observation and supervision) leading to certification or authorisation to practise in their own particular country.

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October 1, 2020, Medizincampus Davos Wolfgang
October 30, 2020, Davos Wolfgang, Medizincampus
November 19, 2020, Thalwil, Hotel Sedartis