Workpackage 2 – Development and progression of atopic diseases

Lead: Prof. Dr. med. Cezmi Akdis, Davos

The overall objectives of WP2 is to "better understand molecular mechanisms of external and internal factors that play a role in the initiation, development, chronicity and severity of atopic diseases". This knowledge is essential and will lead to the development of better prevention and treatment strategies as well as diagnostic biomarkers for atopic diseases. We will give a very high priority to the demonstration of the human in vivo relevance of our findings so that this may lead to the development of an improvement of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. This research will lead to a direct influence to patients’ live by

  • The demonstration of clinically useful biomarkers, which will be used for diagnosis to demonstrate barrier dysfunction of the skin, allergy development, disease severity and immune tolerance.  
  • The development of human three dimensional skins and lung tissue, which will be used to better represent the human in vivo situation.
  • The multicolor flow cytometry method - developed during the last years in CK-CARE - and respective serum proteins (cytokines) for patient stratification will be pursued to be used for precision medicine of atopic dermatitis and asthma.
  • The development and efficient use of the CK-CARE core facility as a biobank and data bank to develop an in depth knowledge of allergy development, severity, natural remissions and cure.