Concept CK-CARE research cooperation 2014-2019

Both atopic dermatitis/eczema and asthma follow a natural course, which is characterised in a substantial proportion of patients by spontaneous recovery from the illness or at least progression to a milder form; in a few patients, however, the severe disease persists into adulthood. If this natural course is better understood, a long-term strategy for influencing the disease might be developed.

It is hoped this expanded knowledge will help to discover biomarkers that will enable the development of the disease course to be predicted even before the onset of the illness. Which atopic diseases develop at what age, what forms of exposure have an influence on this and whether it is possible to “grow out” of the condition are very important questions from the scientific point of view. From the standpoint of service providers, possible preventive measures are being sought, which can easily be implemented on a broad basis in order to combat the growing allergy epidemic.

CK-CARE has undergone fundamental restructuring in order to take up this scientific challenge. In the future, we will no longer be thinking in terms of “research fields” that collaborate with each other, but we will be focusing on “work packages” to which the different teams make their contributions